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Fort Washington, MD.

Evans Thorne
The Culture of Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean is my main subject. Color ties everything together. My art is about the conditions of people in everyday life. I am influenced by folk art of different cultures. Folk life activities practiced for over one hundred years in the Islands, and by the cultures and styles of African Art, the original Native Indians of the Caribbean, African American Art, Asian Art, Art of the Americas and the Middle Eastern and European Art. Traditions passed down since slavery. Childhood memories of dances and performances are part of my paintings. I remember the vibrant cultural events with all the colors and movement.

Life in the Caribbean today is influenced by cultures from Europe, Africa, the Americas, Asia, the Middle and far East. This potpourri of cultures has resulted in a very diverse artistic climate in music, dance, visual art and various crafts. Unique output from different island countries which add their own influences